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[Live Discovery Call] How I Approach SMMA Client Discovery Calls

Discovery Call Preset

In this video, you'll see one of my discovery calls with a potential client and this is how I usually approach these calls. So sit back and enjoy. Chris?
Yes, this is Chris.
Hi, Chris. How are you? This is Richie. I just gave you a text.
Hello, who are you with?
Spiretech Solution. My colleague Tabish emailed you.
Okay. Yeah. So we'll take just a quick ten minute call, but what was your main motivation for this call today's?
Hello, my main motivation is that it sounds like you have a network of clients that would like design services and we provide design services.
Right, exactly. Okay.
We're licensed architects, so we can provide professional services, but we're also designers, interior designers.
So those are projects that we can easily and readily take care of and get done for clients.
Okay, yeah, exactly.
We generally aren't sort of pounding the pavement looking for clients because we also develop property ourselves.
Okay, I got you.
It may be interesting to see what you guys can do. Of course we'd be somewhat picky with the clients that we work with, but I'm interested in hearing more about it.
Of course. Understand your point, sir. And the best thing about our system is that we could focus on specific clients. So, for example, we could only get full service interior designer clients. With our system, we essentially filter out all of the low quality leads, so you won't be getting any of the leads that you don't want. Exactly. So with that being said, to see if we could actually help you, I'm just going to ask you a couple of questions about your business and whatnot is that? Okay, sure. Okay.
Great. Okay, so you said you do other services besides interior designing, right?
Yes, we're a licensed architecture.
So we can do the entire building, entire project from A to Z, and we're doing that right now with our own project. We generally don't have clients, but I think it'd be interesting for us to explore that.
Got you. Okay, so you said you have no clients?
We have before. My background is I've been an architect for 30 years and I've done work for big firms for a long time and have my own practice. The past four or five years we've been doing our own projects. So we're the owner, developer, everything, and we are our own client.
But I'd like to explore the possibility of, again, hiring or not hiring, but working with clients on projects and clients that are interesting and have the capacity to pay their invoices, of course, on time and all that jazz. Anyway, sorry, it's a long winded answer.
To your no worries, no worries at all.
I think it's good to give you a pretty in depth picture of what we're interested in.
Of course. Yeah, definitely. And to kind of go off of that, we could only target high quality clients. So, again, you're not going to be getting any clients that have a low budget? We do. The qualifications for you, essentially.
Okay. Can you give me an example of maybe three recent clients that you've placed with other firms and what the contract amount was?
So we recently just moved into the interior designing space. This whole business has been operating for six years, but recently we just moved into the interior designing space. So with the first client we just landed, essentially we're running advertising on her Facebook and Instagram, and once a client comes in through that advertisement, we qualify that client. So we ask them a set of questions to see if they're the qualifiable. So essentially, if they're a low quality lead, we filter them out and we book the appointment.
How do you determine if they're quality or low quality asset? What are the metrics or standards that you use for that?
So it all depends on the client. So that client is working specifically with kitchen remodeling. So she had a set of questions that she usually asks clients, and depending on what her qualifications are, we use that to determine whether or not the client is a high quality lead, essentially.
Just a quick thought. One thing that I want to kind of mention right off the bat is we're only going to be interested in commercial projects, okay. No single family kitchen, remodeled stuff because it just doesn't make sense for us because it's usually such a low budget. It's usually a pretty low fee to do that kind of stuff.
Okay, right.
So commercial would be unless it's like really high end custom luxury home stuff.
That could be interesting with the right client.
Okay, got your point. So have you done any marketing at all for your company or are you still looking for that?
We can do our own marketing in the sense of generating collateral, if you know what I mean, with collateral on website information on what our capabilities are, the kind of work we can do.
We don't need help generating that.
We would need help getting it out there into the public eye and to the right people. But it sounds like you have am I correct that you have specific client network connections that come to you to look for people like us. Is that right?
So the way we get our clients is mainly through social media marketing, and the way our system works is we could target specific clients. So that's why we brought up we were able to get you full service interior designing clients. And that's essentially how it works. So it's not like we have those clients in our network right now. We obtain them through our advertising.
I see.
You have a website?
I do. I have a website and social media. I could send that over.
Yeah, but you said you have a lead generation system already.
No, we're not out there looking for clients. So we have a website, but it's pretty basic. No, I don't have a lead generation social media thing at the moment. No.
Got you.
We have a ton of collateral and previous projects and stuff that we can show people and projects that we're currently working on ourselves to demonstrate our abilities and our capacity to do the work.
Okay, let me try to that all makes sense. Okay, tell me if this is correct. So you're saying you don't have a lead generation system and you have your own clients, but you want to get more clients, but specific clients. Correct.
Yeah. Right now we are our own client. We're developing our own properties. But I'm interested in looking into this with you to see if we can connect up with some interesting leads and clients to do work outside of our own project.
Right, okay.
In the architecture and interior design realm.
Yeah, makes sense. Okay. Got you.
The point I just made earlier is just that we have a lot of information. We've got a ton of projects that we've done already that we can show our capabilities.
Yeah. Testimonials and projects and all that. Right. Okay. Makes sense. Okay. Now, do you have social media, like a Facebook or Instagram at all?
We've got a couple of Instagram sites, one for our company and a couple others for specific projects. We don't really live in the Facebook world at all.
Not to say that we couldn't or don't want to, just hasn't been a platform that we've been on at all.
Okay. And at the top of your head, do you know how many followers you have on your Instagram?
It's pretty low, maybe.
Less than 50.
Okay. So mainly our system is through Instagram and Facebook. And the reason why I'm asking the amount of following you have is because in order for our system to work, you have to have a high following and engaging and attractive content. Because essentially, we bring those leads to your page. But at the end of the day, it's the leads decision to whether or not they want to move forward with you. So we have a different proposal, which is we could do SEO and Google ads to your website, but that takes a lot longer than running ads to your Instagram. So you said you had a website, correct?
Is that website up to date or is it older?
Relatively up to date. I mean, it needs some updating with a couple of people that are no longer in our office and some projects that aren't up there yet.
You can look at it and see what you think.
Yeah. What we could do is we could do an audit on your website to check the backlinks and your domain rating and all that. But essentially, at the top of my head, since you don't have a following on Instagram or Facebook, we have to go with SEO and google Ads to your website to get you those clients. So, yeah, what I could do is I could do research with my team on your website to see if we could help you in that regards. Okay, so, yeah, after this call, whenever you get the chance, just send me your website and as soon as I do the audit, I'll let you know.
Okay, sounds good.
Yeah. It sounds like you're pretty serious about getting more clients though, right?
Well, yes, it depends on, like I said earlier, the client. It depends on the size of the project, right? Depends on what your fees are. It sounds like everything is generated through it's all web based generation. It's not like you're out developing relationships with clients, you're just getting people to come to our company through web and social media generation stuff. Is that right?
Well, it's that and plus, we book the appointments for you, so we're not going to just run a system and then have random numbers call you. We look at every lead that comes through and we make sure that they're high quality and it's the client that you want. So if it's the right client, we then book a meeting with them. We use a system called Calendly, and essentially whenever you have a set time, you'll have a meeting with that high quality client, essentially. So it's not just a system to bring clients. We do more than just that. We help you get or we only get you high quality leads and the jobs that you want, essentially.
Yeah, it's like a lead generation system, but you're helping us vet the leads.
Filter the leads so that they're in the realm of where we want to live, correct?
Yes, correct.
Got it.
Okay, well, I'll send you our website and then I'll just wait back. I'll wait to hear back from you.
Okay, of course. So so this is my business phone. The number that I texted you earlier is my personal so you could just send that website on my personal phone number.
All right, guys, that concludes the video. Hope you guys enjoyed that. Just please make sure to like and subscribe if you would like to stay updated on my videos, but I'll see you guys in the next one.