Create Like A God Podcast S1 • E3 #03. You are a creator ( You have creativity)
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This is the stay creative podcast. I am Jaren Mitchell, your host for the day, and pretty much I'm still working on my opening of this podcast, but inspired, I think. I haven't really brought about this on the first and second episode, but that usually if you ever listen to Dre all day, well, his work on your game podcast, he actually has a pretty cool opening to the podcast. So I'm still working on mine. I'm still working on mine. We haven't had any interviews yet. We're going to get there pretty soon. But let's talk to today's topic, which is you are a creator and you have creativity.
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Okay, so I wanted to come to this topic because I wanted to talk about this topic is because there's people that think they don't have creativity, they don't have imagination, which everyone does. Everyone do. You can work on it. Once you get creativity, it never goes away. You keep building. And imagination is having imagination. Everyone have it. Everyone has it.
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I have it, you have it. That one has listened to this, we all have it. And that's something I believe in. And this is one of the reasons why I created this podcast, because I believe every single one of us on this planet has creativity, has imagination, it doesn't have to deal with drawing. I'm an artist, and it has nothing to do with drawing, has nothing to do with writing, but it does have to do with ourselves, with these limited beliefs that we have among ourselves. So, point number one, I'm going to give you all the definition from the Google app of creator, because we are the creators of our own reality. We the one that forge our own destiny. And we're going to talk about that more onto the podcast.
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And this podcast, like I said before, is not just for artists, not just for entrepreneurs. But I'm having a little personal development and we're going to get into acting, because I found out for myself that acting is actually got to have imagination, you got to have imagination, you got to have creativity, writing everything you do. You got to have imagination and creativity in which everyone is creative and everyone has imagination. So point number one was the definition of creator. So a person or thing that brings something into existence. Okay, we are the co creators of our own reality, basically. So that's the definition right there. Well, I didn't bring the whole definition.
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Well, that's not what I just said. Wasn't the whole definite, wasn't the definition. But let me get this at a person or thing that brings something into existence, end of that definition. So right here, synonyms. Author, writer, designer, producer, originator, inventor, mastermind. You know what I'm saying? We are the crow, creators of our own reality. We don't want to forge our own destiny. The decisions that we make, the choices that we make, we actually create our own destiny.
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And not even that, the things that we think about, we don't want to create in our reality. Some of you may be thinking like, wait a minute, jaren, what? You know, I read a lot of books and everything comes up to the same thing. I'm going to get you more of these points, but let's go into the Webster's definition, which is on that creates usually by bringing something new or original into being and capitalizing that's God. Basically, we are our own creators of our own rally. I'm going to keep saying this. We bring something to existence. We have something basically, we could bring something into our own universe. You know what I'm saying? Like, you listen to this podcast, you may bring this bringing something or the value that I give you.
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You may be bringing, attracting things to your universe, you may take things that I say and in your universe, or me informing you and reminding you guys of what I'm talking about under these old little sayings or even other stuff that other things that I'm talking about. But we are the creators, our own reality. We don't want to forge our own destiny, our thoughts, our choices and our decisions that we do. We don't want that creating our own destiny. So I'm going to talk about this on another topic, which is forging your own destiny. And basically you are the author of your own story, you are the artist. You don't want to have the canvas right there in front of you. You're the one that's painting the picture, you're the author that's actually writing the script or the movie script.
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You are the one that controls your own destiny. You are the one that does that. No one else does. You are a creator and you have creativity within you. Everyone does. With God basically going to religion, which this is not a religious podcast, just to let you guys know, but I have to bring this up with God said, let there be light, creation, basically, right? Vibration is the one that speaks. That's basically speaking to something. Existence.
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You can do that. You can actually speak something into existence, but also you got to put in the work. So let's go to point number two, which I've been talking about this a little earlier. You become what you think about. This is a quote from Buddha. Buddha says it even from the Bible. The Bible says it right here in proverbs 23 seven, which as someone thinks within himself, so is he. So if you don't believe you're a creator, your creativity don't have imagination, you can actually make that into your own reality.
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You can make that into your universe that you not a creator, which is not true. You know what I'm saying? I haven't really talked about this. The subconscious mind, conscious mind works when you asleep. I say it works when you awake, but not as much. It's like basically something you're doing. You're not even recognizing. It's second nature. There's another term for it, but I can't remember.
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And this is a book. I haven't read the book yet, but I have the book with me, but I'm definitely going to read. It's called. It's called as a man thinketh by James Allen. And this is one of the quotes that I end up finding. A man is literally what he thinks about his character being the complete sum of his thoughts. And the thing with Ern Nightingale, he talks about this on the strangest secrets as well, which is we become what we think about. Yes, we become what we think about and we become what we repeatedly do, our habits as well.
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But we are creators. We are the creator. And you are an artist of your own story. You create and you are the author of your own story. We are all creators here. We are all creators. You have creativity and we talked about it in the first and second episode. Nothing is original, but you can combine all these ideas, all these things that you influence you or that you want to grab to steal and combine something and make it your own, unique to your own, authentic to your own, into original.
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What I said before is, what is plagiarism? I'm sorry, what is originality? Undetected plagiarism. But we are the crow, creators of our own reality. We don't want to create our own reality. Like I said before, the choices and everything that we make, and I don't really know this. Another reason why I talk about these topics and stuff on my podcast is that what I know now, I wish I would have learned when I was 16 years old. That's another reason why I created this podcast. And my mission for this podcast, I haven't talked about it, is that I'm going to make sure everyone on this planet, I won't say that everyone, but everyone. I just want to make sure that everyone, you have creativity in you, no matter what you're doing, positive or negative, you are a creator and does not have to deal with being an artist.
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It does not have to be dealing with a visual effects artist or writer or author. You're a business owner, right? You got to have creativity. You got to have imagination. And Napoleon Hill talks about this in his book, think and grow rich. If you haven't got that, if you're an artist animator, all my artists out there that's listening to this, I suggest you go ahead and pick up that book and read that book. Because that's the book. The first book I picked up during my time notification on my phone. But that's the times I picked up my time.
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When I've gone through something, I realized something, it works. Trust me, it free works. But you got to read the book. One of the 13 steps towards riches, which it does not have to deal riches does not have to deal with money. That can also deal with family life. It could deal with health, wealth, abundance. But one of the 13 steps towards riches was imagination. Napoleon Hill talks about this with imagination.
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That's one of the 13 steps towards riches is imagination. So what we think about, we become what we repeatedly do, our habits that we do, we are, you know what I'm saying? You are a creator, basically, you are a creator and does not have to deal with drawing, writing. But everyone is creative. Everyone has imagination. Everyone has it. You got to work on it. You got to build it. It's like a muscle.
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It's like a muscle. So let me go to point number three, which today's topic is. You are a creator. You have creativity. In the third topic, I mean, the third point is what you focus on, you create. So one of the podcasts I listen to, John Lee Dumas shout out to him, entrepreneur Fire podcast, he also said this, almost every episode or his guest that was on there, which focus has an acronym which means follow one course until success. So what you focus on, you're creating something. So if you focus on this negative thing in your life, you focus on the negative, you're going to create more negative with yourself.
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You ever heard of law of attraction, right? I'm not pretty sure who's listening this. Probably haven't. But if you haven't heard of law of attraction, look up the secret. It's on YouTube. You got the strangest secrets by Ern Nightingale, which we talked about this when I talked about in the previous two topics. He says, you become what you think, know, you literally become what you think about. You have to take control of your mind. You ever heard of this quote that says that the greatest prison, is it within the mind? I'm not sure if I'm saying that quote right, but the greatest prison is the one within the mind, your brain.
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Your mind has so much power, so much power that people usually, I saw say it with all this mental health is usually just focus on the negative. Focus on the negative, but not do whatever they can to actually control their mind, to think positive, killing the ants, you know what I'm saying? Which is automatic negative thoughts. You got to change your way of thinking. No, stop focusing on what things and negative things happen. Focus on the positive. Count your blessings. And the mind can only focus on one thing. It only can focus on one thing.
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And what we focus on, recreate. You ever thought of like when somebody get know, Dre talks about this on the working your game podcast. When somebody gets angry, they focus. They really focus. But you got to change, not your anger, use your anger, but use whatever you can to actually create what you want, what you want to focus on. Like this podcast, right? Seven day a week podcast. I got to put focus on this podcast. I want this mission to know that everyone is creative, everyone has imagination, and everyone is a creator of their own life, their own destiny.
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You can forge your own destiny. And that's the reason why I created this podcast, because I want people to know that your thoughts is what you're creating. And that's the reason why I say stay creative. You're always creating. You always got to put in work, which is saying work on your game, you always got to put in work. You got to stay creative. You always got to work on your mind. You always got to work on your career.
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You always got to work around your family. You got to be around your family. Is work. Doing nothing is work. Thinking is work. Having imagination is work. You got to work for it. And it's going to take up energy.
Jaron Mitchell 00:13:54 - 00:14:13
It's going to take up know, if you read Dre has this, you can see it on my blog, which is the five forms of investment. I wrote a blog on that. You go ahead and check that out. And the episode of the work in the games podcast is on there as well. You can go ahead and listen to that as well. So go ahead. Go ahead and listen to that. But that's point number three.
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And you got to focus on what you create. What you focus on, you create. And the good book, a good book for that talks about this as well. It's called the book called one Thing. It talks about how you focus on one thing and that domino effects and everything else knocks and it's dealing with productivity. If you want to be productive on your work, you, artist entrepreneur, focus on one thing, focus on that one thing, get it done, then go on to the next. We go talk about. I talked about this.
Jaron Mitchell 00:14:45 - 00:15:07
What, the Paretos law, paretos principle, the 80 20 rule. It's on my blog. And go ahead, on my blog, jeremitchell comblog and go ahead. It's on the five forms of investment. We're going to have some more on there on my website as well. We're going to have some more blogs. But podcast is seven day a week podcast. I'm here to bring you content.
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But those are the three points that I have, and the one thing can do that everyone else does and make it actually. Yeah. So think about this. On the one thing it talks about this, which I'm looking at my notes right here. I'm not reading everything off my notes, but on my notes doing the book. The one thing it talks about this. What is the one thing, basically, think about this. What is the one thing I can do that everything else will be easy and unnecessary? A lot of people make a lot of things hard for themselves.
Jaron Mitchell 00:15:38 - 00:15:59
There's no such thing as multitasking. You're actually task switching. It messes up your productivity. And if you're a creative individual with imagination, you got to be productive. You got to be productive. You got to make sure you're putting in the work and having more focus onto your work. There's no such thing as multitasking. Go ahead, pick up that book.
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The one thing, I should be able to have it on my website. You can go ahead and check it out on there, but look it up. One thing. Go get that book. It talks about productivity and brings up the myths that we have of other things and productivity of being productive. And so let me recap for today's topic. So point number one, which is the definition with the google definition gave me, is a person or one thing that brings something to existence. Webster one thing to create, usually to bring something in new or original to being and capitalizing.
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And it says, God. We are our own creators of our own reality. We are the creators. Yes. On our own reality. We came from the original substance, that which is God, the universe, or whatever else that you believe in. And point number two, we become what we think about. Buddha, he has that quote, another quote from the Bible, proverbs, as someone thinks within him, with himself, so is he.
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So we become what we think about, thoughts that we think about every single day, that we are creating our reality. We are creating something that we don't even subconsciously we do not know, but subconsciously we're doing it, but consciously we're not aware of it. Our subconscious mind is a little not loud as our conscious mind and our conscious mind usually take over. And the subconscious mind is something that's second nature as the book. Go ahead and pick that book up. I'm definitely going to read it. I haven't read it yet, man. Literally, what he thinks, his character being in the complete sum of his own thoughts.
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So think about it. Your thoughts, your thoughts and everything that you come, you bring in your own character. You can build your own character. You can change your own character. Just like character development, you can develop your own character. You can become the best version of yourself and change yourself. And that's what we must do every single day. Because guess what? If we're not grown, we're not moving, we're dying.
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You ever think about the heartbeat when somebody's on with the hospital with the heartbeats and stuff that goes just silent, just flat, you're dead. You don't want to do that. And go ahead and pick up that book. Point number three, what you focus on, you create. We are literally what we focus on, recreate. So follow one course to access. Focus on one thing at a time. 80 20 world predators law.
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And think about this. Every time you think about what you're going to do or trying to make something easier, what is the one thing I could do that everything else will be easy and unnecessary? So go ahead, look up them books. Stay Did you enjoy today's episode? Make sure you go ahead and leave a five star rating and review so that way we can move up in the rankings on the Apple podcast on iTunes. So that way everyone else can see us and not even that everyone can see what the crate like a God podcast is about. And make sure you go ahead and follow me. That'll be Jared W. Mitchell.
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