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Recording #28: 028 The Power of Story Telling Marketing with Brook McCarthy

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1. Unveiling the Power of Storytelling Marketing: Insights from Brook McCarthy 2. The Authenticity Paradox: Why Some Choose to Display It, While Others Do Not 3. Vulnerability and Connection: The Positive Impact of Sharing Personal Stories Online 4. Curating Your Online Presence: Surrounding Yourself with Ideas and Interesting People 5. Leading with Work and Ideas: Debunking the Lifestyle Selling Myth on Social Media 6. Superficial vs. Substantial Connections: Prioritizing Genuine Relationships in Online Spaces 7. Embracing the Messiness of Life: The Importance of Authenticity in Marketing and Storytelling 8. Provoking Ideas and Feelings: Harnessing the Power of Emotion in Marketing 9. Nostalgia as a Tool: Connecting Emotionally through Storytelling 10. Beyond the Screen: Building Trust and Connection in the Digital Age

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authenticity, fitting in, vulnerable content, positive responses, curating online presence, interesting people, selling a lifestyle, leading with work, online friendships, editing personal details, embracing messiness, provoking ideas, storytelling, nostalgia, connecting through screens, conveying opinions, trust-building, power dynamics, caution, introverted individuals, highly sensitive individuals, energy protection, power imbalance, boundaries, podcast, free journey, live stream sessions, guest, values-based business owners, snack family, ingredient family, personal details, negative behavior online, addictive social media content, business personality, family background, cult experience, abuse of power, leadership, pedestal, coaching style, win-win dynamic, group business coaching, highly sensitive people, liability, influence, impulsive decisions, bonding, partner support, household duties, productivity, motivation, industry challenges, colleagues, hindering success, assumptions, purchasing decisions.

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Brook McCarthy is a highly sought-after business coach and trainer, specializing in assisting soloists and business owners in the health and creative sectors. Despite not considering themselves creative, she effortlessly attracts writers, videographers, and other creatively inclined individuals who value her unique approach. Brook's clientele primarily consists of sensitive and critical-thinking women, with a significant representation of men in the LGBTQ+ community. Although most are over 40, her clients appreciate her expertise and dedication, regardless of age or gender. With her extensive experience and passion for empowering others, Brook McCarthy is a trusted mentor in the world of business.

ℹ️ Introduction

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"On this episode of Emerge + Expand, host Katherine Mackenzie-Smith invites guest Brook McCarthy to discuss the power of storytelling in marketing. Brook believes that everyone is authentic in their own way, but some choose to showcase it while others do not. They begin by sharing a personal story about Brook's mother and her influence on embracing authenticity and not conforming to societal norms. The conversation then delves into the positive responses that vulnerable content receives online, as people relate to and connect with stories that evoke emotions. Brook emphasizes the importance of curating one's online presence, surrounding oneself with interesting people and ideas, and leading with work and ideas rather than selling a lifestyle on social media. They argue against the idea of editing out personal details to create a perfect image, highlighting the significance of embracing the messiness of a human life. Brook believes in provoking ideas and feelings in marketing and storytelling, using nostalgia as a tool to emotionally connect with the audience. They share how reaching through screens can make strangers feel like they know, like, and trust them, which ultimately makes the sales process and transformation easier. Brook also addresses the power dynamics between coaches and clients, emphasizing the need for both parties to be mindful of the inherent imbalance. As the podcast continues, they discuss the importance of introverted and highly sensitive individuals being grounded in their own sovereignty and protecting their energy field. Brook warns against giving away personal power to those perceived as more successful or influential. The episode wraps up with Katherine promoting her free seven-day journey and three free live stream sessions in her introvert-friendly business community. The guest for this interview, Brook McCarthy, is introduced as someone who helps values-based business owners earn consistent ten K months without burning out or overspending. Throughout the conversation, both Katherine and Brook interweave personal anecdotes and experiences, such as coming from 'snack family' or 'ingredient family,' showing their interest in Star Wars, and acknowledging their family background as cynics and skeptics. They highlight the importance of adding personal details to marketing and copywriting to build trust and connection. They address the addictive nature of controversial social media content and explain how it can provide insights into a business's personality, even though only selected aspects are shown. Brook reveals their experience with a cult centered around meditation and tantric Hindu practices, which made them sensitive to abuse of power and hesitant to embrace their own leadership. The speaker also shares their screening process for potential clients and preferences for a mutually beneficial relationship and a win-win dynamic. They stress the importance of not putting anyone on a pedestal, including coaches, and acknowledge their own highly sensitive nature. Brook delves into the challenges of being highly sensitive and the susceptibility to influence by charismatic individuals or persuasive tactics. They open up about impulsive decisions and their desire to bond and share details about their life. They touch on the support they receive from their partner in household duties, allowing them to be more productive in their work. Finally, the episode concludes with a reflection on the motivation behind their work and the tendency to hinder one's own success by taking on too much responsibility and making assumptions about others' financial situations. This episode of The Emerge and Expand Podcast provides valuable insights into the power of storytelling in marketing and the importance of authenticity, personal connection, and boundaries in business and personal life."

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00:00 Introverted and sensitive entrepreneurs find success online.

03:40 So many things, motivating by bad examples.

07:23 Lovely cult experience, wary of power abuse.

10:37 Power imbalance: Coaches, clients, boundaries, responsibility.

17:01 Business is harder than it should be.

21:34 Online behavior tolerated more than in-person. Social media's impact on mood. Trusting intuition in business through social media. Impersonal nature of social media.

26:25 Authenticity trumps fitting in; be yourself.

31:37 Selling services requires making intangibles tangible.

35:25 TikTok trend distinguishes snack and ingredient families.

39:13 Suppressing authenticity leads to depression and anxiety.

42:40 Listen to podcast, get episode transcript and show notes, connect with Brooke, join live sessions starting July 6, leave rating and review.

❇️ Key topics and bullets

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Topics Covered: - The importance of authenticity in online presence - The power of storytelling and vulnerability in content marketing - Curating an online presence with interesting people and ideas - Criticizing the selling of a lifestyle on social media - Valuing genuine connections over superficial online friendships - Embracing the messiness of a human life in marketing - Using nostalgia as an emotional tool in storytelling - Building trust through online connections - Power dynamics between coaches and clients - Being cautious of power imbalances in coaching relationships - Protecting energy and setting boundaries for introverted and highly sensitive individuals - Taking responsibility for personal boundaries and not giving power away - Introduction to the podcast and host, Catherine Mackenzie-Smith - Promotion of free resources and community sessions - Introduction of guest, Brooke McCarthy - Snack family vs. ingredient family concept - Personal details creating depth in marketing and copywriting - Tolerance for negative behavior online - Social media providing insight into a business's personality - Family background and skepticism - The speaker's experience with a cult and sensitivity to power abuses - The importance of not putting anyone on a pedestal in coaching relationships - Screening process for potential clients and prioritizing win-win dynamics - Turning down more clients than accepting and suggesting group coaching - Initial negative reaction to highly sensitive people and self-realization - Acknowledging the challenges of being highly sensitive - Influence and impulsive decision-making - The speaker's supportive partner and productivity - Motivation for work and challenges in the industry - Recognizing self-imposed limitations in success - Avoiding assumptions about clients' financial situations
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Viral Topic: Finding Motivation from Others' Failure Quote: "I find it personally really motivating to look at other people doing a shockingly shit job of something, and I think, oh, God, like, I almost feel a moral obligation." β€” Brook McCarthy 00:03:40 00:04:53

The Importance of Boundaries in Coaching: "It's always really useful not to put anyone on a pedestal because we are all normal slobs. We are all human. And being a coach doesn't make you some kind of Buddha." β€” Brook McCarthy 00:07:23 00:10:37

Highly Sensitive People: "I always thought it was a liability rather than an attribute or a superpower." β€” Brook McCarthy 00:12:45 00:14:38

Business and Assumptions: "By assuming that somebody couldn't afford me, I was taking somebody's agency away." β€” Brook McCarthy 00:17:01 00:18:49

The Effects of Social Media: "I think we tolerate a hell of a lot more online than we would tolerate face to face." β€” Brook McCarthy 00:21:34 00:24:15

Being Authentic in a World of Fakeness: "I think Brene Brown says that we are all authentic. We are just either choosing to display that in the world or not. And I guess back to that honest compliment, I don't really see an alternative to being authentic." β€” Brook McCarthy 00:26:25 00:31:24

Sales and Tangibility: "If you're selling coaching or energetic healing or something that is kind of intangible, you can't pick it up...You've got to make something that's abstract, tangible." β€” Brook McCarthy 00:31:37 00:32:54

The Power of Nostalgia: "It's the feelings that you're provoking. Nostalgia. I use nostalgia quite a lot in my marketing, in my storytelling, because it's a really easy entry to get people to feel something." β€” Brook McCarthy 00:33:51 00:35:16

Finding Your Humans: "I think it's very human to want to find your humans. I think it's really normal to want to bond with other people." β€” Brook McCarthy 00:36:56 00:38:25

The Importance of Authenticity: "Because you're taking your power away when you try and fit in, like when you try and conform, when you swallow your opinion, not only are you taking your power away, but it leads to depression and anxiety." β€” Brook McCarthy 00:39:13 00:40:28

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"πŸŽ™οΈ NEW PODCAST SUMMARY REEL! πŸŽ₯✨ "The Power of Storytelling Marketing with Brook McCarthy" 🌟 Join me as I dive into the fascinating world of marketing and storytelling with the incredible Brook McCarthy! In this episode of #EmergeExpand Podcast, we explore the importance of authenticity, vulnerability, and connection in your business. πŸ’« Discover how sharing your unique story can create powerful connections and attract your ideal clients. Learn the art of curating a genuine online presence that captivates your audience and fosters trust. πŸš€ Uncover the secrets to provoking ideas and emotions through marketing. Hear about the power of nostalgia and how it can forge deep, emotional connections with your audience. πŸ”’ Explore the dynamics of power and boundaries in coaching relationships and how to create healthy, win-win partnerships. And, as highly sensitive souls, understand the strength that lies within our sensitivity. Ready to transform your business and embrace the power of storytelling marketing?πŸŽ™οΈ Don't miss this amazing episode! Hit that play button and immerse yourself in the world of Emerge + Expand! πŸ”” PS: Like, share, and tag a friend who needs this! And don't forget to check out our free seven-day journey, "One Step at a Time," and the introvert-friendly business community! Let's #EmergeExpand together! πŸ’ͺ✨" #PodcastSummary #EntrepreneurLife #StorytellingMarketing #Transformation #Authenticity #Vulnerability #PowerOfConnection"

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πŸŽ™οΈNew Episode Alert: The Power of Story Telling Marketing with Brook McCarthy on Emerge + Expand PodcastπŸŽ™οΈ In this episode of Emerge + Expand, host Katherine Mackenzie-Smith sits down with the amazing Brook McCarthy to dive deep into the power of story telling marketing. Here are 3 key takeaways from their insightful conversation: 1️⃣ Authenticity is for everyone: Brook believes that everyone has authenticity within them, but it's the choice to display it that sets individuals apart. Sharing personal stories and vulnerable content online can lead to positive connections with like-minded individuals who can relate and resonate with your experiences. 2️⃣ Embrace the messiness: Rather than creating a clean and consistent image, Brook advocates for embracing the messiness of human life. Provoking ideas and feelings through storytelling and marketing, using nostalgia as a tool, can create an emotional connection that goes beyond superficial online friendships. 3️⃣ Balance and boundaries: Brook highlights the power dynamics present in coaching relationships and advises both coaches and clients to be cautious of any imbalances. For introverted and highly sensitive individuals, being mindful and grounded in their own sovereignty is key to protecting their energy field and not giving away their power. Tune in to this episode to learn more about how story telling marketing can transform your business and create connections that lead to success. Don't miss out on the wisdom shared by Brook McCarthy! Listen to the full episode on Emerge + Expand Podcast (link in bio). #EmergeandExpandPodcast #StoryTellingMarketing #Authenticity #EmbraceTheMessiness #BalanceAndBoundaries

πŸ—žοΈ Newsletter

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Subject: The Power of Storytelling Marketing: Connecting, Trusting, and Empowering Hello fellow introverted and sensitive souls, Welcome to another episode of The Emerge and Expand Podcast, where we explore strategies and insights to help you create success in your own businesses. I'm your host, Katherine Mackenzie-Smith, and in today's episode, we have a special guest, Brooke McCarthy, who works with values-based business owners to help them achieve consistent ten K months without burning out or overspending. During our conversation, Brooke shared some compelling insights about the power of storytelling marketing that I couldn't wait to share with you all. Here's a quick summary of what we discussed: 1. Authenticity: Brooke believes that everyone is authentic, but some choose to display it while others do not. They shared a personal story about their mother's influence on being authentic and not fitting in, highlighting the importance of embracing our true selves. 2. Vulnerability: Sharing vulnerable content online can lead to positive responses from people who relate. Brooke emphasized the importance of curating our online presence and surrounding ourselves with interesting people and ideas, rather than simply selling a lifestyle on social media. 3. Embracing Complexity: Brooke criticized the idea of editing out personal details to create a clean and consistent image. They stressed the importance of embracing the messiness of a human life, provoking ideas and feelings in marketing and storytelling. 4. Connecting Through Screens: Brooke believes in the power of reaching through screens to make strangers feel like they know, like, and trust them. Clients often remark on their ability to convey opinions, feelings, experiences, and even taste in music, despite just meeting them. Building this connection and trust makes sales and the transformation process easier. 5. Power Dynamics: The conversation also delved into power dynamics between coaches and clients or consumers of content. Brooke reminded us of the need for both coaches and clients to be cautious of this power imbalance, encouraging introverted and highly sensitive individuals to be mindful and grounded in their own sovereignty. 6. Taking Responsibility: Brooke encouraged everyone to take responsibility for their own boundaries and to stop giving their power away to those they perceive as more successful or influential. We should all focus on feeling good about ourselves and being excited about our work rather than seeking superficial online friendships. 7. Humanity in Marketing: Personal stories, like Brooke's revelation about their family's snacking habits or their experience in a lovely cult focused on meditation and tantra, add depth and authenticity to marketing and copywriting. It helps build trust, connection, and insight into a business's personality. On a personal note, I'm excited to share that I'm offering a free seven-day journey called "One Step at a Time" to support your personal and business growth. Additionally, I'll be hosting three free live stream sessions in our introvert-friendly business community, where we can connect, learn, and grow together. As always, please feel free to share any insights or questions you have about today's episode. I'm here to support you on your journey! Warm regards, Katherine Mackenzie-Smith Host of The Emerge and Expand Podcast

🧡 Tweet thread

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Thread time! Today's topic is all about authenticity, personal stories, and the power of connection in marketing and storytelling. Let's dive in! πŸ’« 1/ Authenticity is a buzzword we hear a lot these days, but I truly believe that everyone is authentic in their own way. Some choose to display it while others keep it hidden. Both are valid choices. 2/ Growing up, my mom was a huge influence on me when it came to being authentic and not fitting in. She never cared about what others thought and always embraced her unique quirks. It taught me to be unapologetically myself. 3/ Sharing vulnerable content online has been an eye-opening experience for me. The response from people who can relate has been overwhelmingly positive. It's amazing how opening up can make us feel less alone in our struggles. 4/ Curating my online presence and surrounding myself with interesting people and ideas has been key. It's not about selling a lifestyle, but rather leading with genuine work and ideas. 5/ Let's ditch the idea of a perfectly polished image on social media. Embrace the messiness of a human life. Life is messy, and that's when the most beautiful things can happen. 6/ Provoking ideas and feelings in marketing and storytelling is crucial. Nostalgia can be a powerful tool to connect with people emotionally. It takes them back to a time when they felt something deeply. 7/ Reaching through screens to make strangers feel like they know, like, and trust me has been a game-changer. Clients often remark on my ability to convey my opinions, feelings, experiences, and even taste in music, despite just meeting me. 8/ Now let's talk about power dynamics. Whether you're a coach or working with a coach, it's important to be cautious of the power imbalance. Both parties should have equal say and respect in the relationship. 9/ Introverted and highly sensitive individuals, listen up! Be mindful and grounded in your own sovereignty to protect your energy field. Some people prey on others by trying to take their power. Don't let them. 10/ Take responsibility for your own boundaries. Stop giving your power away to those you perceive as more successful or influential. You have just as much to offer. 11/ At The Emerge and Expand Podcast, we're all about empowering introverted and sensitive souls creating success in their own businesses. That's why I'm promoting my free seven-day journey called "One Step at a Time" and free live stream sessions in our introvert-friendly community. Check it out! 12/ I'm thrilled to have Brooke McCarthy as today's guest on the podcast. She works with values-based business owners, helping them earn consistent ten K months without burning out or overspending. Amazing, right? 13/ During the interview with Brooke, we discussed something fascinating I learned from TikTok. The concept of coming from a "snack family" or an "ingredient family." It's all about the snacks you prefer and how it reflects your upbringing. 14/ My partner comes from a snack family, preferring packaged snacks like Pringles. But when I connected with someone who also comes from an ingredient family like me, I felt an instant sense of belonging. 15/ Personal details like having Grogu (Baby Yoda) in the background show our interests in Star Wars and geek culture. These details create depth that marketing and copywriting can't achieve. They build trust and connection. 16/ Here's a thought: people often tolerate more negative behavior online than they would in person. It's a strange phenomenon, but it's something we need to be aware of. 17/ Social media can provide insight into a business's personality, but remember, only selected aspects are shown. Don't take everything at face value. 18/ Growing up in a family of cynics and skeptics, lively debates and sensitive reactions were the norm. It made me aware of the abuse of power and hesitant to embrace my own leadership. 19/ The guru of the lovely cult I was part of focused on meditation and tantric Hindu practices. While it was an eye-opening experience, it made me even more sensitive to the abuse of power. 20/ Coaches are not perfect individuals, and it's important not to put anyone on a pedestal. That's why I have a screening process for potential clients to ensure we're a good fit. It's all about a win-win dynamic. 21/ I often turn down more clients than I accept. Group business coaching can be a more cost-effective alternative to one-on-one coaching. It allows for shared learning and a supportive community. 22/ I used to have a negative reaction to the idea of highly sensitive people due to my own childhood experiences. But eventually, I realized and admitted that I myself am highly sensitive. It's not a liability, but a beautiful trait. 23/ It's true, highly sensitive people can be easily influenced, but it doesn't have to be a negative thing. We have the capacity to deeply connect with others and empathize with their experiences. 24/ I'll admit I've made some unusual and impulsive decisions in the past, like donating $100 to someone whose pet rat died. But it's all part of the natural human desire to bond and share our lives. 25/ I'm grateful to have a partner who supports me in household duties, allowing me to be more productive in my work. It's important to share this information because it's not just about me, but also about recognizing the support system around me. 26/ My motivation for my work comes from a deep passion and love for what I do. But I won't deny that my industry can be challenging. Many colleagues have years of experience, and it can be intimidating. 27/ We all hinder our own success at times, taking on too much responsibility or making assumptions about others. I made a mistake assuming someone couldn't afford my services, taking away their agency. Let's learn from our missteps and grow. 28/ It's been an incredible journey exploring authenticity, personal stories, and the power of connection in marketing and storytelling. I hope these insights have resonated with you. Remember, being true to yourself is the most powerful marketing tool. 🌟 Thanks for joining the conversation! If you found value in this thread, don't forget to check out The Emerge and Expand Podcast and the free resources I mentioned. Until next time! ✨

❓ Questions

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1. How does the speaker define authenticity and what role does it play in marketing and storytelling? 2. How does the speaker believe vulnerability and sharing personal stories online can positively impact audience connection and engagement? 3. What are some of the dangers or pitfalls of crafting a curated, "perfect" online presence, according to the speaker? 4. How does the speaker use nostalgia as a tool in their marketing and storytelling? Why do they believe it is effective? 5. Can you relate to the power dynamics the speaker discusses between coaches and clients? How can both sides be more mindful of these dynamics? 6. What are some strategies the speaker suggests for introverted or highly sensitive individuals to protect their energy and boundaries in the online business world? 7. What are some examples the speaker shares of personal details in their own marketing and copywriting that have created trust and connection with their audience? 8. How does the speaker view social media as a tool for showcasing a business's personality? What limitations and challenges do they acknowledge in this approach? 9. How does the speaker's family background and experiences with a cult shape their perspective on leadership and the abuse of power? 10. What are your thoughts on the speaker's approach to working with clients and prioritizing a win-win dynamic? Can you see the benefits of group coaching versus one-on-one coaching?

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